Priscilla Bakx-Kabai


  • Oversees the organization of PMI NL Chapter events. 
  • Supports the organization of workshops for Local Interest Working Groups (LIWg’s).
  • Incorporates feedback, suggestions and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and 
    value delivered to the audience and chapter as they relate to the logistics of events/programs. 
  • Invites key influencers from various industries to participate in community events. 
  • Plans and coordinates special events, as identified by the chapter’s board, designed to enhance the project 
    management professions and/or expand the skills and knowledge of the project management community.
  • Develops and implements a program roadmap for all events.
  • Cooperates with the CEO of the Chapter with regards to the execution of the events program.
  • Organizes sponsor days together with the CEO, Director Marketing & Communication and sponsor(s).
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Jan Cardol


  • Provides thought leadership to position the Chapter at the forefront of the industry
  • Supports the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter in the execution of the approved Chapter Business Plan.
  • Is project manager of PMI Netherlands Summit
  • Is liaison between Chapter and Chapter sponsors
  • Promotes liaisons with fellow Project Management organizations
  • Supports the Director Events with a network of hosting companies and potential speakers in organizing Chapter Meetings and workshops for small groups (LIWGs)
  • Collaborates with the Directors Marketing & Communication and Events and the sponsor in organizing sponsor events
  • Performs activities requested by and agreed upon with the board
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Ger van der Geld

Ger van der Geld Custom

  • Leads the Chapter
  • Represents the Chapter in PMI EMEA and to external parties
  • Is responsible for consistent strategy and the good standing of the chapter and execution of the business plan
  • Is accountable for the Summit Program Board
  • Is accountable for the LIWg’s and other Organized Groups of Volunteers

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Helen Meijer


  • Vice-president of the Chapter
  • Represents the Chapter to third parties
  • Organizes the Chapter Board and Daily Management meetings
  • Maintains the Chapter calendar
  • Is responsible for the execution of the election procedure
  • Maintains the Component System at
  • Develops the internal processes and procedures thus contributing to Chapter Maturity growth

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Fons van de Wouw


Fons van de Wouw

  • Ensures healthy finances of the Chapter and keeps the Chapter accounts
  • Represents the Chapter to third parties on Chapter financials
  • Reports status of finances to Chapter Board on a quarterly basis for sign off
  • Is accountable for the financial management and control of working groups, projects and task forces

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Vikram Srivastava


31411370 Vikram Srivastava Pasfoto

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  • Is responsible for public relations and timely distribution of information both to Chapter membership as well as relevant external parties.
  • Is responsible to develop and execute a Board approved Communications Strategic and Operational Plan
  • Is responsible for maintenance of the Chapter website and its content
  • Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the Chapter Newsletter
  • Moderates the PMI NL social media
  • Creates and maintains promotion material (e.g. Chapter presentation, Flyer)

Peter Ryan


 peterMalgorzata Krakowian

  • Acting as Director membership and volunteers

    • Responsible for volunteer recruitment and retention
    • Understand and leverage experiences of volunteers and direct them to various initiatives in the chapter
    • Responsible for identifying, developing and managing volunteers
    • Develop and implement chapter membership plan
    • Answer member/non-member inquiries
    • Develop and analyse membership survey
    • Grow chapter members
    • Develop and implement volunteer/membership reward and recognition program


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Drake Morse

  • Leads the Professional Development Cluster
  • Represents the Chapter towards REP’s and other education providers
  • Maintains relations with universities and colleges in line with marketing guidelines strategy
  • Represents the Chapter towards Publishers Van Haren Publishing
  • Represents the “Publication Board Dutch Translations” in the board
  • Organizes Dutch translations and new publications of selected PMI standards
  • Organizes publications, companions and translations thereof of selected PMI standards
  • Is accountable for the organization of PMP Exam Coaching Classes
  • Organizes other learning initiatives (p.a. Short Tracks, eLearning) with third parties

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Liz Hector


  • Leads Academic Outreach
  • Educational Foundation Liaison 
  • Works to engage volunteers with our educational content
  • Focused on sharing the PMI message with Schools and NGO's
  • Excited by the social good that PMI can do in our communities

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Keith Mitchell


  • Technical management of the website, other tools used by Board and domain
  • Is responsible for Chapter broadcasts
  • Registration of volunteers
  • Administration of attendance at Chapter Events

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