By Fabio A.J. Luelmo

This dissertation is about project management education in Dutch universities. Specifically, a descriptive account of what the Dutch project management community's educational needs are and to what degree Dutch universities are fulfilling those needs. This topic is of interest to PM practitioners who are interested in further education, academics who which to further the quality of PM education, and PM community leaders, certification institutions and trainers who wish to understand the role of universities in PM. PM is a very young science and as such it has not yet matured its own pedagogical paradigm.That is part of the motivation for this research, to help develop project management's pedagogical paradigm. The other part is that PM is very important to the Dutch economy, but Dutch universities give sporadic attention to project management.

This research is an effort to set the requirements of how a holistic project management education could be provided.The method surveyed 90 project managers in the Netherlands on their perceptions of project management education in the Netherlands, and what their needs are. Additionally investigation was conducted into the study guides of prominent universities to discover the nature of current project management education, and the results were compared with the needs and perceptions from the survey.The results show that Dutch universities were not up to standard in the eyes of project managers as places of project management learning, lacking in advanced concepts and theories and not using the most ideal of learning methods. It was also found that project management education was not significant enough in non-technical universities to have representation in relevant faculties were project management is of importance, such as business and IT faculties.The implications of these findings can help universities adapt their project management courses or programmes which relate to project management to better suit the needs of the project management community, as well as help the project management community orientate on education status quo. Ultimately, project management as a discipline and the education thereof will take one more step towards maturity through this research.


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