by Maria Francesca Manca


When I learnt that PMINLCH was organizing PMP coaching classes, I immediately recognized a certain appeal.  I had been thinking about taking the PMP exam for some time but never really got down to gather the necessary information and make a booking. Finding the time outside my busy work schedule proved quite difficult.  To pay to attend a class, on the other hand, seemed to be exactly what I needed to finally make a commitment and to concentrate my efforts in a reasonably short period of time.


The course comprises of 4 full day sessions divided over a period of 6 weeks.  The group I joined includes 13 people from different nationalities and various professional backgrounds. The reasons for wanting to take the exam are also diverse: for some, the certification is required by the company they work for; for others, it is to expand job opportunities; to progress on the career path and also, for one of increase the chances of passing the exam (already failed once).  We are now almost at the end of the course and what we all realize is that, although the course does not teach in-depth theory of project management, it provides very useful insights into how PMI 'thinks' about Project Management and its organization. 


The trainers (all volunteering PMI members and certified PMPs) make us work on typical exam questions for every chapter of the PMBOK. They then use the answers that most of the class gets wrong as a basis to explain the rationale behind the questions.  This is a very useful exercise, not only because it is a very practical way to learn, but also because it makes you realise that some questions are difficult for everyone. Furthermore it pinpoints very clearly which chapters each individual needs to study more thoroughly.


Since we started the course, some of us have already booked their exam date and timeslot. One colleague has already re-taken the exam (...and passed!), while others will be using the Xmas holidays to complete their preparation before taking the exam early next year.


Overall, I would recommend the course to any colleague who is considering qualifying for PMP certification. I would also like to thank the trainers for their willingness to 'sacrifice' Saturdays to help other PMs succeed on the exam... a very remarkable commitment to the PM profession!