Van Haren Publishing and PMI Netherlands Chapter are proud to announce the publication of

 A pocket companion to PMI's PMBOK® Guide.

The PMBOK® Guide as an easy digestible pocket edition.

pm pocket guide

We congratulate the writers with this achievement: two PMI Netherlands Chapter members Paul Snijders and Anton Zandhuis, and PMI Munich Chapter member Thomas Wuttke. 

Everyone has been waiting for an easy to read and comprehensible overview on the PMBOK® Guide. This guide covers and explains the main aspects of the new PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition.

- This Pocket Edition supplies a summary of the PMBOK® Guide, to provide a quick introduction as well as a structured overview of this method for project management.

- This pocket guide deals with the key issues and themes within project management and PMBOK®:

A short overview of the activities of  PMI Inc., The organization and its standards: PMBOK® Guide, Standard for Project Portfolio Management, Standard for Program Management, OPM3.

- The essentials of the Project Lifecycle and Organization.

- What are the key project management processes?

- Main target Group for this pocket guide is anyone with an interest in learning the  method in PMBOK® or a systematic approach for project management. The book is also very useful for members of a project management team on a project using the PMBOK® method.  

- A complete but concise description of the PMBOK® Guide, for anyone involved in projects or project management.

ISBN: 9789087535186; Price: €15,95 (ex. BTW)

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‘I believe its content is useful for me as a reader and it should be for the reader in general to be used directly in practice. I think all graphics are helpful and facilitate the reader comprehension.’ 

-  Alfonso Bucero, PM Consulting

‘When you are already familiar with the PMBOK Guide, this book gives you a comprehensive summary and reference. However, if the PMBOK Guide hasn’t crossed your path yet this pocket guide is a must-read, especially when you are acting as a project sponsor, project manager, project team member which are the three key roles for project management as distinguished in this pocket edition. But also when acting in a project supporting role, e.g. in a project support office, the pocket edition gives you a condensed overview for understanding the key processes in project management.’  

-  Thomas Walenta, Certified Senior Project Manager, IBM Deutschland