‘Le Groupe PMI Francophonie’ decided to translate the pocket companion in French, based on the success of our pocket companion  to PMI’s PMBOK Guide 5th edition.

Un compagnon de poche du Guide PMBOK® du PMI –

Basé sur le Guide PMBOK® 5ème Edition (french version)


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 ‘Le Groupe PMI Francophonie’, an initiative of different PMI Chapters which want to create a community of all French speaking Chapter members around the world and sharing information, took the initiative for creating the French translation of the successful PMBOK® Guide pocket companion.  PMI Netherlands chapter worked together with a group of French Chapters. Managed by Cyril Laurent, the project manager of this translation, a team of volunteers of the Chapitre PMI du Maroc, Chapitre PMI de Belgique, Chapitre PMI du Nouveau Brünswick and Chapitre PMI de France created this translation, fully aligned with the official French translation of the PMBOK® Guide 5th edition. 

Making it easier for people to get better acquainted to PMI and its foundational standards has always been high on the agenda of the PMI Netherlands Chapter. For non-native Americans or  English speakers there is quite often a language barrier, also known as the well-recognized ‘localization issue’. Le Groupe PMI Francophonie recognized and wanted to address the needs of French speaking PM practitioners: not only PMI members, but even more importantly, people who hadn’t come across PMI yet. Just like the Netherlands Chapter, they want to break down existing language barriers by creating this valuable asset for all French Chapters and PMI members as well as for people showing an interest in the PMBOK® Guide and PMI:

  • Project, program and portfolio managers, who need a quick reference and an easier introduction to PMI’s key standard, the PMBOK® Guide, and for whom English is not their native language;
  • But also the more senior management levels, who recognize the need to have a slightly better understanding about e.g. their project sponsor role in the context of PM processes for realizing projects more successfully. However, it’s unlikely that they will read the PMBOK® Guide, as that is simply too voluminous and typically written for the so called ‘die-hard project managers’. At the same time, as their PMs are frequently referring to PMI’s best practices and the value of its foundational standards, they feel the urge to find out what these standards are all about….

Issuing our pocket companion proved to fulfil the needs described above. It provides not only a quick introduction of the PMBOK® Guide content, in their own language but also, and just as importantly, of PMI as an organization and its value for the PM profession and realization of business success. It definitely will support project management professionals in the field and provide value for business leadership being responsible for Change and Strategy realization of their organizations.

PMI Netherlands Chapter wants to thank the French Chapters and especially the ‘l’équipe de volontaires du PMI, réunie par le groupe PMI Francophonie’ for creating this translation: Cyril Laurent (chef de projet de la traduction française), Moulay Hachem Babahabib, Anass Boulaich, Samuel Kinde, Ignace de Nolin, Stéphane Parent, David Djian, Julien Brisard, Stéphanie de Agostini, Vincent Coustillac, Rose-Hélène Humeau, Thierry Soulard, and Didier Prod’homme. Anton Zandhuis, one of the authors, supported this team on behalf of the Program Board Dutch Publications, while Bart Verbrugge managed the publishing and editing team of Van Haren Publishing.

Un compagnon de poche du Guide PMBOK® du PMI –

Basé sur le Guide PMBOK® 5ème Edition (french version)

Publisher: Van Haren Publishing

ISBN: 9789401800143

Format: hardcopy

Other formats: PDF  

Publication Date: September 2014

Authors: Anton Zandhuis & Thomas Wuttke & Paul Snijders        

Book Language: French


Le groupe PMI Francophonie 




PMI Netherlands Chapter members receive 15% discount. Check out our Bookstore