Chapter News

Persbericht : Den Haag, 23 november 2009

Bouwen aan het vertrouwen in Nederlandse projecten 

Grote publieke projecten hebben een slechte naam in Nederland. Ondanks diverse onderzoeken, van onder andere de Rekenkamer en (parlementaire) commissies, lijkt er nog geen duidelijke verbetering te zijn bereikt. Deze problematiek zit de projectmatige slagkracht van Nederland danig in de weg. 

Experiences of the first RMP 

Being a volunteer for the EMEA Congress 2009 last spring in the RAI in Amsterdam I wandered around the PMI Bookstand and noticed many books about Risk Management. Amongst others I am a consultant in Functional Safety and therefore I am especially interested in Risk Identification and Risk Management. One of the books I found was about the Credentials for PMI Risk Management Professional (RMP) Certification. Up to then I was not aware of the existence of such a certificate. I bought all the books I could get on Risk and started to find out how to subscribe for the examination. For me becoming a certified RMP I thought would be a great added value to my cv and subsequently to my career.

Subscribing to the RMP Examination is step 1 of the whole procedure of certifying. Maybe the hardest step to take. With help of my cv and my old agenda’s I produced an Excel spreadsheet that I copied to the credential application page on My expertise as Safety consultant helped me a lot to get the minimum required hours of risk management experience within the last 5 years. The minimum target is set quite high. 

Follow-up on Election PMI Netherlands Chapter Board 2010

Based on the Chapter By-Laws we previously called to your attention the coming Election of the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter for 2010. On our request for nomination two candidates applied each for one of the vacancies. Hence an election is no longer necessary and hereby cancelled.

Sinds 2007 bundelen ruim dertig landen hun inzichten in een internationale standaard voor projectmanagement: ISO 21500. Er is ook een Nederlandse Normcommissie gevormd, waarin IPMA-NL en PMI Netherlands Chapter zijn vertegenwoordigd. Deze twee vakverenigingen initiëren gezamenlijk de interessegroep ISO 21500.

In the last couple of months there have been some changes in the staffing to the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter. Christiaan Jacobs and Madà Miessen decided to leave the Board due to personal circumstances. Jan Vermeijs, one of the founders of the Netherlands Chapter was prepared to join the Board. He took over the role of Secretary from Peter Stevens. Peter took over the role of Director Internal Communications and Membership which were performed by Madà and Christiaan respectively. In the schedule of Board Appointments Jan will take the place of Madà which means that Jan will eligible for re-election at the end of 2010.

The Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter has decided to establish a Local Interest Group on Program Management. This Local Interest Group will be a meeting place for PMI Netherlands Chapter members who are interested in Program Management and/or certification for the new PgMP credential.


On 17 April 2008 the kick-off meeting of this Local Interest Group will be held. There will be a presentation by John Hermarij titled ‘Program Management according to PMI, a comparison'.

John has a long track record as Project and Program Manager and as Consultant/Trainer. 


Planned also is a brainstorm on the LIG charter.

There will be discussions on the planned setup and maintainance of a Program Management repository.

This meeting is a must for members who are practising Program Managers and all the other members with interest in Program Management.


Amongst the issues that will be discussed is the organization of study groups for the PgMP examination.