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Sometimes you wonder how it's possible to get something done in a short amount of time, in a period where people are limited available and the work needs to be done remotely... Volunteers from the Belgium and Dutch PMI Chapters have worked hard to get the Project Management Toolkit for Youth translated into Dutch. The development of project management skills can now be introduced to aiming to get the benefits in an easy and understandable way to the youth.



PMI Netherlands Chapter members with Manoj Vadakkan participated in an event learning an Agile way of working and managing projects.  During the event participants learned about an Agile way of managing projects and contributed 690 Euros to Kika, a Dutch foundation against childhood cancer. 

On June 13th PMI Netherlands Chapter organized in cooperation with CKC seminars the 2nd Edition of the PMI Netherlands Summit. One of the speakers at this event was Manoj Vadakkan from Washington DC.





Many large and complex projects around the world are executed through consortia, an association composed of multiple companies.

A number of researchers claim that the performance of consortia is directly dependent on how consortium members opt to collaborate, however, the delivery of projects through consortia challenge traditional project management and leadership principles, with collaboration being perceived as difficult to achieve.

Extant research has been conducted on inter-company relationships, collaboration frameworks, collaboration antecedents, team effectiveness, teamwork, and inter-company collaboration. However limited theory exists on collaborative inter-company dynamics, particularly in the form of consortia, and how consortium members collaborate to accomplish project goals.

An anonymous, on-line questionnaire-based survey is being undertaken by an M.Sc. student at the University of Liverpool, to increase the understanding on how consortia collaborate to achieve project objectives. The student researches existing theory on team behavior, virtual team dynamics, collaboration antecedents and their impact on collaboration quality, to articulate and better understand the collaborative environment and interactions that occur among members of consortia.

If you have knowledge or experience in consortia, and wish to take part in this survey, please access the link below:

Survey has been closed.



The Chapter Meeting on April 24th, 2013 was joined by a number of representatives of the PMI Ghana Chapter.

From Eva Shalin we got the following message :

"On behalf of our team, we would like to thank the Netherlands Chapter for the invitation and the cordial reception we received there.

We must admit that we learnt a lot during our short interaction with the various members of the Board and chapter members.
Kindly extend our greetings to all members of your chapter and the Board. Eagerly waiting to host you all in Ghana soon."