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The PMI Networkapp


We are glad and proud to announce our next innovation to improve the networking between our members: The PMI Networkapp!


The Networkapp is available for all the attendees during the PMI meeting at 15th of April. The app will allow you to get in contact with your colleagues/fellow members of the chapter very easily and share knowledge with all who are interested in you, your questions and/or challenges. In addition you will be able to see the program of the evening and other useful information about our chapter meeting.



Looking for knowledge or contacts? Post a quest! 

Since you are in the midst of a group of people with the same interests, there must be somebody around who can help you with your quest, challenges or needs. Share your questions and you can benefit from the large amount of knowledge of the other participants for that chapter event. Do you want to discuss a certain topic, are you looking for partners to cooperate or just somebody that may provide you with the knowledge that you are missing? All you have to do is post your question in the app or look for an interesting contact in the list of participants.



Let’s get started: 

  • Download the free “Networkapp” or “Netwerkapp” from the Ios Appstore or Playstore
  • Register for the Networkapp with LinkedIn or your email
  • Enter the event code to get access to the event (provided to the participants of the event at ExxonMobil
  • You can start right away by posting your quest or looking for new contacts in the list ofparticipants.


Chapter Event at ExxonMobil:

The first time we will use the app is during the event at ExxonMobil. We will use the app for voting to some of the challenging statements made by our speakers. Your opinion will be collected and together we can determine what the overall opinion is on the specific statements. Questions about the future of project management, brought to you in an innovative futuristic way

The presentation os the Program Management Local Interest Workgroup of December 11th, 2014 and presentations of the Chapter Meeting of March 9th, 2015 have been added to the Member Area.

You can access the Member Area after you logged in using your PMI userid and password  (top right of the screen). If you are logged in, you will also have access to myPMI, VRMS and the CCRS. The Member Area button will appear at the right of the menu bar.

We have migrated our website to Proteon.  This hosting company is specialised in hosting websites for PMI Chapters and offers a number of benefits in comparison with general hosting companies.

One of this benefits is the Single Sign On mechanism which allows you (PMI Netherlands Chapter members only) to log-in to the various websites of PMI via this website.

Click on the Login possibilty in the upper right corner, enter your PMI userid and password and you will logged in to :

  • myPMI - for all your PMI related information
  • VRMS  - PMI's Volunteer system
  • CCRS  - for all your credential information and your registration of PDU's

Furthermore you will see an extra menu choice (right most possibility in the menu bar) to enter the PMI Netherlands Chapter Member Area. Currently this area is still empty but we are in the process of defining the information that will go into this area.

If you have logged in and you register for an event then the registration form will be populated with data from PMI's membership database.

We hope you will enjoy the new functionality.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Netherlands Chapter board is proud to present its fully revised mid- term strategy. This mid-term strategy is derived from PMI’s global “working strategic plan”. Our mid-term strategy provides clarity on what the Chapter is or better how the Chapter wants to position itself and what we want to do to steer closer to our strategic dream. It should inspire today’s and future leaders of the Chapter, but it should also inspire you, the valued members of the PMI Netherlands community, as our Chapter is driven by volunteerism. Only together we can make our mid-term strategy to work, only together we can accomplish our dreams, goals and objectives listed in this document. So hopefully this mid-term strategy inspires you to volunteer for one of the many activities mentioned.

This document is what we prefer to call a working document. Nothing in this document is carved in stone and the content should be reviewed on an annual basis to adopt whatever changes come across. Its open for dialogue and everybody’s input is welcomed and valued. I sincerely hope that this document boosts the PMI Netherlands Chapter to heights we, today, can only dream of. With over 900 members in 2014 we created a significant local community with a strong global reach. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. Come join us, be inspired, inspire us, it’s the passion for our profession that appealing on you.

Read the complete document.

Towards a sustainable society: what is your role as project  professional?

The world we live in is constantly changing.

Developed countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and Sweden, invest some 15 to 20% of their GDP in projects. That is quite a substantial amount of money, approximately EUR 8.600, = per person!

Therefore it is no surprise that sustainability is achieving growing attention in recent years, knowing that the CO2-footprint of every Dutch citizen is 400% of the entitled amount. And let us keep in mind that to keep our clothing affordable in the Netherlands we accept child labor in South-East Asia.

Even at Government level and in Businesses sustainability is an increasingly "trending topic". Every day you see newspapers, TV and social media discuss “plof”-chickens, wind turbines, coal fired power plants, and a more sustainable way of life.

Project professionals facilitate change

Most of the investments in new or improved products and services are realized as projects. So project professionalsplay




With more than 450,000 members in over 170 countries, PMI is the leading not-for-profit association for the project management profession. PMI is recognized for the advocacy programs they conduct with governments, universities, organizations and industries around the world as they recognize and embrace project management to achieve business results. The PMI Netherlands Chapter, the local representative of the global network, acting on a not for profit basis, is searching for a

Chief Executive Officer

who will support the PMI Netherlands Daily Management and Board in the execution of their business plan and long term goals.

The CEO reports to the Daily Management Team of the board and will accommodate the execution of the overall direction of the chapter in particular by extending the Chapter’s network, organizing events and representing PMI in the Netherlands.

It is a part-time role with accountability within the limits provided by the Daily Management of the PMI Netherlands Chapter. The CEO will be contracted for one year against a limited and partially target based allowance and expenses will be compensated. Additionally we expect our new CEO to put volunteer hours into the chapter as well.

The activities and responsibilities of the CEO consist of, but are not limited to:

PMI Netherlands Summit 2014 was again a successful edition developed by and for the international Project Management community. Therefore, we are already preparing the next edition on
June 11th 2015 in Conference Center ‘t Spant in Bussum, the Netherlands.
Central theme of the 2015 edition is: The secret of Project Management; next practices demystified.