We are delighted to inform you that as of 6 May 2017, PMI has launched the Membership Automatic Renewal Feature which provides you with convenience and continuous access to your membership benefits. The launch of this automatic feature enables your eligible PMI membership and chapter membership(s) to automatically renew annually as long as you maintain a valid payment method in the secure system of PMI. This feature does not apply to Student Membership. Any time a (non-student) member joins, renews, or rejoins PMI and/or PMI chapters online with an eligible membership type, their membership will be set to automatically renew annually.

PMI members around the world requested for an automatic membership renewal option that would provide them with continuous access to their valuable member benefits. This Automatic Renewal Feature is a great way for you to ensure continuous access to your member benefits; however, you may turn it on or off at any time through myPMI or by contacting Customer Care. If you turn off the Automatic Renewal Feature, we will send you renewal reminder emails and a notice in the mail prior to your expiration date. You can also turn the membership automatic renewal feature on at any time by managing your preferences in myPMI.

If you have any further question with regard to the automatic renewal, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.