Based on the Chapter By-Laws we would herewith like to call your attention for the upcoming Election of the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter for 2017-2018.

The nomination and election of directors shall be conducted annually in accordance with the terms of office specified in Article IV, Section 1 and Article V, of the Chapter By-laws.

Based on the Charter and Board decisions, the terms of office are defined to end on 31 December 2016 for the following officers with their respective positions:

  • Rommert Stellingwerf       President
  • Jan Vermeijs                       Secretary
  • André Legerman                Treasurer

The following officers have stepped down in 2016

  • Louis Norel                           Membership & Volunteers (February)
  • Odilia Kunne                        Communication (April)
  • Rochelle Röber                    Professional Development (May)

The following officers have taken vacancies or temporary positions in 2016:

  • Josephine Shi                       Membership & Volunteers (March)
  • Paul van der Wilt                  Acting Secretary (May)
  • Vikram Srivastava                Marketing & Communication (September)
Name Role Terms Status
Rommert Stellingwerf President Term ends
Jan Vermeijs Secretary Term ends
Andre Legerman Treasurer Term ends
Vacancy Professional Development Vacancy open
Vikram Srivastava Marketing & Communication Continues as per term
Josephine Shi Membership & Volunteers Continues as per term
Ger van der Geld Director Academic Outreach Continues as per term
Paul van de Wilt Director at Large Acting Secretary (temporarily)

In summary, candidates are required for following 4 positions

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director Professional development.

Board elections 2016

Therefore the Board calls nominees for these positions in the Board for a 2-year term 2017-2018, starting officially on January  1st  2017.

The profiles for these roles are attached at the end of this letter.

The election process

  • Candidates can nominate themselves for each of the open positions. Also nominations for more than one position are possible. In that case the candidate is requested to supply an order of preference for the positions in his/her nomination,
  • Candidates can nominate (only) themselves until October 31st ,
  • The Election Committee checks the credentials of the candidates,
  • From November 1st  till November 5th, if more candidates are available for one or more of these positions, the Chapter members will be asked to cast their votes,
  • On November 6th, the Election Committee will count the votes and establish which candidate is elected to which position,
  • Elected candidates will be informed by the Chapter Board,
  • All Candidates will be briefed by the Election Committee or Chapter Board in person,
  • The election results will be announced at the November Chapter Meeting and published on the Chapter website,
  • On Saturday December 17th , 2016 the old and new Board will meet the whole day to prepare the operational plan for 2017
  • On January 1st, 2017 the newly elected Board members start their first two year term and the re-elected board members start their second two year term.

How to nominate yourself

To nominate yourself, fill out the nomination form and send the form no later than October 31st, 2016 to the Election Committee via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please mention in the subject field: “Nominee Chapter Board 2017-2018”.

This e-mail address is to be used for any enquiries related to this election or to the positions as well. You can also address your questions to the members of the Election Committee. Sending in the form automatically means that you accept the position if elected.

The 2016 Election Committee,

The 2016 Election Committee,

Andre Legerman   +31 (0)6 1132 9966

Josephine Shi         +31 (0)6 3473 3715

Cees Pijs                 +31 (0)6 2500 4034

2017-2018 Chapter board positions:

  • President

Leads the Chapter. Chairs the board meetings. Is accountable for the strategy (via the business plan) and the operations (via the operational plan) of the Chapter. Represents the Chapter on PMI meetings and to external parties.

  • Secretary

Organizes and prepares the minutes of the board meetings. Maintains the board’s action list and calendar. Is responsible for the execution of the election procedure. Develops the internal processes and procedures thus contributing to Chapter Maturity growth. Is content manager of the electronic means and archive. Processes and archives all incoming and outgoing mail. Keeps a register of outgoing mail.

  • Treasurer

Deals with all financial aspects of the Chapter. Ensures healthy finances of the Chapter. Keeps the Chapter accounts  Prepares annually the P&L and Balance sheet statements. Processes and archives all incoming and outgoing invoices. Processes timely incoming and outgoing payments. Reports status of finances to Chapter Board on a quarterly basis for sign off. Maintains relationship with external accountant. Invites Financial Committee for annual financial review. Is accountable for the financial management and control of working groups, projects and task forces (e.g. Summit, Lustrum). Ensures proper insurance for the Chapter events.

  • Director Professional Development

Responsible for the delivery of sufficient professional development possibilities via alignment with professional development suppliers (REP’s) and other entities that focus on professional development of project management. If necessary, defines other means, e.g. member for member initiatives (a.k.a. coaching classes), to ensure the supply of professional development meeting member’s demand.