Based on the Chapter By-Laws we herewith like to call your attention for the coming Election of the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter for 2010.

Article V, of the Chapter By-laws. Based on the Charter and Board decisions, the terms of office are defined to end on 31 December 2009 for the following officers with their respective positions:

Director Internal Communications
Director Membership & Volunteers

 The profiles for both vacancies are listed below.

The position for Director Internal Communications was vacant from mid 2009 because Mada Miesen, for business reasons, was not able to put in the effort he wanted. Therefore he had to resign. Christian Jacobs resigned from the board as well, leaving a vacancy for Director Membership & Volunteers.

During this year the tasks from both directories were performed by other board members and our CEO René Vielvoije. Having left the board shortly after the summer, Peter Stevens’ activities as secretary were picked up by Jan Vermeijs.

 Kees Augustijn has indicated to leave the board by the end of this year. His activities as Director Chapter Meetings will be combined with those from Director Knowledge Sharing under the new title Director Events (Jan Cardol).

Although Rommert Stellingwerf, Director Education & Standards,  ends his 2nd term on December 31th, 2009, the board will ask the chapter members at the annual meeting, to agree with a re-election of Rommert as allowed in our By-Laws. Rommert is highly praised for his work in translating PMI standards into Dutch, his effort spent on the development of the new ISO 21500 standard for project management, managing the organization of the PMP/CAPM coaching classes that helped many already to get certified, and providing the annual PDU overviews to chapter members. Furthermore the board recognizes Rommert as a valued and stabilizing member of the Dutch Board.

The election process

• Candidates can nominate (only) themselves until November 7th, 2009,
• The Elections Committee checks the credentials of the candidates,
• From November 14th till November 28th, 2009 the Chapter members will be asked to cast their votes,
• On November 29th the Elections Committee will count the votes and establish which candidate is elected on which position,
• Elected candidates will be informed by the Chapter Board,
• All Candidates will be briefed by the Elections Committee or Chapter Board in person,
• The election results will be announced at the December Chapter Meeting and published on the Chapter website,
• On Saturday 12 December 2009 the old and new Board will meet the whole day to prepare the business plan for 2010,
• On January 1th, 2010 the Board membership the newly elected Board members start their first 2 years term.

How to nominate yourself
To nominate yourself fill in the nomination form below and return the form no later than November 7th, 2009 to the Election Committee via e-mail.
 Please mention in the subject field: “Nominee Chapter Board 2010”. This e-mail address is to be used for any inquiries related to this election as well. You can also address your questions to the members of the election committee. Sending in the form means automatically that you accept the position if elected.

The 2010 Elections Committee,

Jan Cardol, Cees Pijs, Giovanni de Majo

Nomination form

 Director Internal Communications

Roles and responsibilities

• Is member of the Chapter Board
• Leads the Internal Communications cluster
• Is chapter liaison with website hosting company
• Manages developments of the website
• Issues monthly newsletters
• Makes guidelines to keep website up-to-date
• Forwards contacts made through the website
• Sends reminders and other e-mail broadcasts on request of Chapter Board members to Chapter members
• Facilitates registration for members to Chapter events via the website
• Advises the Benelux Day team in website matters


• Must have affinity with communication matters
• Must have affinity with website functionality and technology
• Must speak English
• Needs at least 1 cluster member
• Average effort is 4 hours per week

Director Membership & Volunteers

Roles and responsibilities

• Is member of the Chapter Board
• Leads the Membership & Volunteers cluster
• Administers and maintains the chapter membership records.
• Reports monthly, on the status and changes within the chapter membership.
• Provides a breakdown analyses (segmentation) of the chapter membership - know your customer.
• Reports follow up on exit mails


• Must have affinity with working with individuals
• Must have affinity with office tools (MS-Excel and Access) for membership administration
• Must have English language proficiency
• Needs at least 1 cluster member
• Average effort is 4 hours per week