During the course of Friday January 29th, 2016 the website of PMI Netherlands Chapter has been upgraded to the latest release of Joomla!

Allthough there are only minor changes in the lay-out of the website some additional functionality has become available to our members:

  • In case of registration for a Chapter event it is already usefull to login first to the website using the PMI Single Sign On mechanism. After logging in, personal data as known by PMI will be filled into the registration form. In the future this is even more important because it will enable you to cancel your registration yourself. After logging in you will see a menu choice at the top of the screen to get an overview of your registrations. This overview will enable you to edit and/or to cancel your current registrations.
  • After the event has taken place your attendance will be recorded in the registration database. After this has been done and after you have logged in you can click on the menu choice My Certificates to get an overview of events you attended. In this overview you can download a statement of PMI Netherlands Chapter that you attended the event and that you are eligible to claim PDUs for this event. This flexible solution will make it possible to discontinue the yearly processing of all registrations to make an overview per member. We are currently investigating if we can use this mechanism for the 2015 events.

Please note: the above mentioned mechanism will only work if you login using PMI's Single Sign On before you register for an event.

There are also some other functionalities that will be made available in the near future.