The PMI Networkapp


We are glad and proud to announce our next innovation to improve the networking between our members: The PMI Networkapp!


The Networkapp is available for all the attendees during the PMI meeting at 15th of April. The app will allow you to get in contact with your colleagues/fellow members of the chapter very easily and share knowledge with all who are interested in you, your questions and/or challenges. In addition you will be able to see the program of the evening and other useful information about our chapter meeting.



Looking for knowledge or contacts? Post a quest! 

Since you are in the midst of a group of people with the same interests, there must be somebody around who can help you with your quest, challenges or needs. Share your questions and you can benefit from the large amount of knowledge of the other participants for that chapter event. Do you want to discuss a certain topic, are you looking for partners to cooperate or just somebody that may provide you with the knowledge that you are missing? All you have to do is post your question in the app or look for an interesting contact in the list of participants.



Let’s get started: 

  • Download the free “Networkapp” or “Netwerkapp” from the Ios Appstore or Playstore
  • Register for the Networkapp with LinkedIn or your email
  • Enter the event code to get access to the event (provided to the participants of the event at ExxonMobil
  • You can start right away by posting your quest or looking for new contacts in the list ofparticipants.


Chapter Event at ExxonMobil:

The first time we will use the app is during the event at ExxonMobil. We will use the app for voting to some of the challenging statements made by our speakers. Your opinion will be collected and together we can determine what the overall opinion is on the specific statements. Questions about the future of project management, brought to you in an innovative futuristic way