We have migrated our website to Proteon.  This hosting company is specialised in hosting websites for PMI Chapters and offers a number of benefits in comparison with general hosting companies.

One of this benefits is the Single Sign On mechanism which allows you (PMI Netherlands Chapter members only) to log-in to the various websites of PMI via this website.

Click on the Login possibilty in the upper right corner, enter your PMI userid and password and you will logged in to :

  • myPMI - for all your PMI related information
  • VRMS  - PMI's Volunteer system
  • CCRS  - for all your credential information and your registration of PDU's

Furthermore you will see an extra menu choice (right most possibility in the menu bar) to enter the PMI Netherlands Chapter Member Area. Currently this area is still empty but we are in the process of defining the information that will go into this area.

If you have logged in and you register for an event then the registration form will be populated with data from PMI's membership database.

We hope you will enjoy the new functionality.