Towards a sustainable society: what is your role as project  professional?

The world we live in is constantly changing.

Developed countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and Sweden, invest some 15 to 20% of their GDP in projects. That is quite a substantial amount of money, approximately EUR 8.600, = per person!

Therefore it is no surprise that sustainability is achieving growing attention in recent years, knowing that the CO2-footprint of every Dutch citizen is 400% of the entitled amount. And let us keep in mind that to keep our clothing affordable in the Netherlands we accept child labor in South-East Asia.

Even at Government level and in Businesses sustainability is an increasingly "trending topic". Every day you see newspapers, TV and social media discuss “plof”-chickens, wind turbines, coal fired power plants, and a more sustainable way of life.

Project professionals facilitate change

Most of the investments in new or improved products and services are realized as projects. So project professionalsplay




But what is your role as a project professional in this field?
Do you already experience sustainability on your projects!
And what are your own ambitions concerning sustainability?


How sustainable are our current projects in the Netherlands?
That is what we want to identify with this survey.
So join his nationwide sustainability research
and invest a few minutes doing the survey!


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You are welcome to participate in the survey until January 18, 2015


In Spring 2015 a research paper will be delivered to the Dutch associations for project management: PMI, IPMA, BPUG and MSPUG. Needless to say that each participant will receive a research summary on request.


Thank you for participating!

The research team:
Ben Bolland
Stefan van Aalst
Project management professionals with a passion for a more sustainable society