Dear Chapter Members,

Based on the Chapter By-Laws we previously called your attention for the coming Election of the Board of the PMI Netherlands Chapter for 2014.


On our request for nomination for four positions in the Board we received no reactions. Hence an election is no longer necessary and herby cancelled. After the election time frame has passed two new candidates applied for the vacancies. We are happy to announce that as of the first of January 2014:

  • André Legerman will take up the role of Treasurer
  • Henk-Jan Molenkamp will take up the new role of Director Events

Both candidates will try to participate in the upcoming Board 2014 preparation day and will present themselves during the Chapters Annual Meeting 2014 that will be announced shortly.


Malgorzata Krakowian will continue her function as Director Marketing and Communications.


Due to business reasons Loes Kalkman has decided to withdraw her candidature for the second term as Director Professional Development and Diepak Kasi, for the same reason has decided to resign from the position of Director Members and Volunteers. A candidate for the latter vacancy applied. Madhav Upadhyaya will be taking over the position of Director Members and Volunteers.


Therefore, we have one vacancy yet to be fulfilled.


As of January 1, 2014 the PMI Netherlands Board consists of:

Cees Pijs                            President

Jan Vermeijs                      Secretary

André Legerman                Treasurer

Henk-Jan Molenkamp       Director Events

Malgorzata Krakowian      Director Marketing and Communications

Nitin Mohan                     Director at Large

Madhav Upadhyaya          Director Membership and Volunteers

Vacancy                            Director Professional Development

Supported by:

Hans Fransen                    CEO

René Vielvoije                    Operations officer


The 2014 Elections Committee,

Nitin Mohan, Cees Pijs, Henk Smits