Sometimes you wonder how it's possible to get something done in a short amount of time, in a period where people are limited available and the work needs to be done remotely... Volunteers from the Belgium and Dutch PMI Chapters have worked hard to get the Project Management Toolkit for Youth translated into Dutch. The development of project management skills can now be introduced to aiming to get the benefits in an easy and understandable way to the youth.


The PMI Educational Fund (PMIEF) is very eager to support initiatives to get project management skills introduced to a wider audience, also to the youth. There was material available, but only in English. The PMI Belgium Chapter gave their commitment to the PMIEF to get the translations done to Dutch and French. They requested the support of the Dutch chapter for the translations into Dutch and we found some volunteers to contribute to this project. Frédéric Pattyn was leading this team of volunteers for the translation on behalf of the PMI Belgium Chapter.


The scope of this project was to get four project management books translated. It was a lot of work that had to be done in a very short time (it started in May and has finished in August, just a little bit more than 3 months). But the material is translated now and can be used in every school that wants it.


Jacques Neyns (one of the volunteers) explains: 'In Belgium there are two schools that will start with introducing project management in their classes. First school is the Sint Pieters/Sint Jozef handelsschools in Blankenberge who will use project management for example in the "mini onderneming" and the paper. On Monday the 19th of August we had a meeting with the teachers to get them introduced to project management. They were very enthusiastic to use the knowledge in their classes. They will integrate a project management approach in the following three levels: primary schools, secondary schools and high schools. A follow up plan was also discussed which includes a possibility for the students to win a PMI award.'


The second school will be the International School of Flanders who will use project management for their winter show. They will get their introduction on the 2nd and 3rd of September. Both projects will be led by Jacques Neyns.


All this work has been done by volunteers. Next to Frédéric Pattyn and Jacques Neyns the following people were part of the translations team:

  • Ronny Louis (B)
  • Peter Schrijver (NL)
  • Hans Fransen (NL)
  • Edwin Hommes (NL)
  • Jeffry Turfboer (NL)
  • Laurie Ferrier (NL)
  • Stephan Jansen (NL)


Many thanks to all of you for your contribution from both the Belgium and Netherlands Chapter.

Diepak Kasi PMP,
Director Membership and Volunteers