Since PMI Netherlands Chapter is celebrating its 10th anniversary we are starting a Member for Member action called Tell a Friend and get a gift. As you can see on this website every article has a button with this text. By clicking on this button you can send a friend, colleague or relative an e-mail to bring this article or our website (button at the right) to his/her attention.

What's in for you ?

If you have referred 3 persons to our website you will receive an e-mail with the download links to 2 e-books called A Better Self from the Inside Out and Building Inner Strength and Integrity.

But that's not all if you refer more people, and 5 of them have visited our site you will another two e-books called Life Improvement and Self Esteem Boosters.

The aim of referring people to our website is to grow our membership. Therefore we would like to thank you in a third way for your efforts. If people you have referred become a member of PMI Netherlands Chapter (and PMI, if they are not already a member of PMI) they will get a refund of their first PMI Netherlands Chapter membership fee of € 15. They can claim this refund by forwarding your referal e-mail with the date of joining our chapter, their bank accountnumber, name of the account holder, residence of the account holder and their PMI number to our Operations Officer. These refunds will be paid on a monthly basis. The refund is only eligible for persons who have not been a member of our Chapter in the last 9 months.

For every person you refer who is claiming a correct refund you will be awarded a bonus of € 3,50 (with a maximum of € 28). To link the refund requests with you, you should use your e-mail address that is registered with PMI (i.e. the e-mail address at which you receive your communication of PMI/PMI Netherlands Chapter). The bonus amounts will be paid after the action period (now until the end of April 2012). To receive your bonus amount you have to be a member in good standing during the action period.

Note for receiving the e-books you do not have to be a member of PMI Netherlands Chapter.

Of course new members can start refering immediately after signing up for the Chapter.

In case of any questions please contact our Operations Officer.

If 1 out 3 members would refer a new member we would be with over 1000 members at the end of April 2012. That would be a nice anniversary present for all of us!!