On November 4th, 2019 a new ISO working group on the feasibility of and preparations for a certifiable project management standard for organizations has started.


A. PMI NL Chapter/IPMA-NL event

Come on Wednesday evening January 15th,2020 to an information session in Rotterdam, organized by PMI-Netherlands Chapter in collaboration with IPMA-NL. BPUG-NL members and other project management professionals are also very welcome.

This evening with more information about the plan for a new, globally valued ISO certification may be interesting for department leaders of project, program in portfolio management teams, but also for individual project, program and portfolio managers and for PMO employees.


o          17.30 - 18.30 walk-in, welcome with a sandwich
o          18.30 - 21.00 Workshop ISO for projects starts

Location: Headoffice Croonwolterendros, Marten Meesweg 25, 3068AV Rotterdam


1.         Informative: What has ISO produced for projects and what is going on? (30 minutes)

Which of the ISO 21500 family of standards, developed since 2007, are interesting for project, program and portfolio management professionals, their leaders and PMO staff? Which products are being worked on?

2.         Informative + discussion: Project management system standard (PMSS) (90 min.)

Feasibility and preparation of a management system for projects, programs and portfolios, with which organizations can get certified on an independent, globally recognized ISO standard. Think along and participate.

3.         Discussion: How to proceed with the "ISO for projects" community? (30 minutes)

The ISO train rumbles on. What does that mean for you and your working environment in the short or longer term? How can this combined IPMA / PMI community be of service to you, and how can you and this community feed the NEN committee members with good ideas for ISO standards?

You can register here: https://ipma.allsolutions.nl/default.aspx?qvActie=AISsa_menq75&BDR=ipma&ENQ=me75


B. NEN event

If you are already busy on this evening, there is also an alternative. Thursday afternoon February 13th, 2020 NEN is organizing a workshop on this subject in Delft.

See: https://www.nen.nl/Home/Informatiebijeenkomst-Certificeerbare-norm-voor-projectmanagement.htm (in Dutch)

NOTE: this NEN workshop is not only for project management professionals, it focuses in particular on people from "other corners of the organization", such as quality management, risk management, etc.