Espionage and Cybersecurity in projects

Risk management is one of the core functional areas of project management. Its practices, processes and tools are well known, and have been around for a long time. What can be added to such a well-established area?


Nowadays, cybersecurity is a here-to-stay topic in the day-to-day operations. Employees are clicking on phishing mails, are losing data carriers such as laptops or USB sticks, and share – usually with good intentions - information with unauthorized people. We ourselves as human beings are the weakest link. Enforce that link by raising the level of security awareness of your employees. From highest to the lowest level in the organization, from boardroom to work floor and in particular in projects with team members from different organizations and geographic locations!

Kevin de Kok and Patrick Aussems, both security specialists at Valid, will guide you through the world of cyber security, show you the dangers and means for raising the level of security awareness.

Part two of our meeting will be facilitated by a sr. representative of the AIVD who has almost 30 year of experience with counter-intelligence and who is sharing his knowledge with organizations that want to raise awareness about the risks of espionage.

Espionage is aimed at political, military and more and more also at economical information. Foreign intelligence agencies are interested in organization that use or have access to information that can influence in these areas. They can access this information by means of a technical breach, but more often human error and ignorance is the weak spot. Therefor it is important to be aware of your own behavior in work and personal life and to be alert on the behavior of your colleagues.

The AIVD will show us how foreign agencies operate, will give concrete examples and will show us that every person can be of interested and serve as the gate towards information.



17:00     -              Registration, sandwiches and refreshments

18:00     -              Opening, welcome and introduction by the PMI Netherlands Chapter

18:05     -              Introduction of our host Valid , by  Koen Lambooij,  Delivery Manager at Valid

18:15     -              Cybersecurity in projects & organizations - Kevin de Kok and Patrick Aussems, both security specialists at Valid

19:15     -              Break

19:30     -             Counter-intelligence and espionage – sr. representative of AIVD

20:45     -              Wrap-up & Networking drink

21:30     -              Closure



Date October 11, 2017

Valid BV

Flight Forum 565

5657 DR Eindhoven

ID C266 - 201706

1.5 Leadership PDU for all certifications

1.5 Strategic PDU for all certifications

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October 8th, 2017 12:00 hrs


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