Events calendar

Sunday. 20 October, 2019 - Saturday. 26 October, 2019
Week 43
Thursday. 24 October, 2019
8:45 am

Workshop: Journey from the Lazy to the Agile Project Manager



'Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.'

Learn about the art of productive laziness with The Smart Agile Project Manager; understanding what is meant by the ‘productive lazy’ approach to projects (and life) and learn how to apply these lessons ‘to be twice as productive and still leave the office early’.

The course will cover the definition of productive laziness, the science behind the theory (yes there really is some), and will share some personal learning experiences and look at the key project stages, one of which the ‘lazy’ project manager works very hard in and the second they should be in the position of enjoying the ‘comfy chair’ safe in the knowledge that the project is well under control.

A specific focus will be made on the third area, project closure, which can be done so much better with very little effort but with significant value add for all ‘would be’ smart and agile project managers.

5:00 pm

Change Is Fun! What We Have Learnt to Stop & Start in the Evolution of Project Management


The ‘Lazy’ History of Project Management - Where did project management come from and where does it think it is going in the future? A short history lesson in project management from the very beginning through to today, with insights from the world of Peter Taylor, ‘The Lazy Project Manager’. This presentation will be an entertaining, funny, celebration of all things ‘project management’