Claiming PDUs for the PMI Netherlands Summit 2017 (and other PMI Netherlands Chapter Events) should be done using the next steps:

  1. Log in to CCRS.
  2. Click on Search Activities (left column)
  3. Enter the Acitivity number of the PMI Netherlands Summit 2017 in the Search field behind Activities. The number is: c266-2017-summit 
  4. Click on search
  5. You will see information on the event and the distribution over the PMI Triangle for the various certifications
  6. Click on Report PDU for this activity (located on the top-right corner above the distribution).
  7. Fill in the dates of the activity and tick the box that the claim is accurate and click on the SUBMIT button
  8. A thank you window will appear and after a while you will receive two mails (one that you have submitted the claim and one it is approved)