1.      What is the right certification for me?


On the PMI.ORG website you can find information on the experience and education eligibility requirements.





2.      What is the value of a certification?


Please read this document to get a good understanding of the Value of PMI Certification.



3.      Where can I find information on the Certification Process?


On the PMI.ORG website you to will find a lot of information on the Certification Process.




4.      Where can I find information about the PMI Examination Preparation Training?


The PMI Netherlands Chapter does not provide training itself. For training we refer to our education providers (REPs) and our sponsors http://www.pmi-netherlands-chapter.org/sponsors/current-sponsors.



We do have a coaching class for exam preparation. This is targeted to nearly eligible* exam candidates, see PMP Exam Coaching Class below.



5.      Is it possible to follow an Online PMI Training?


It is possible to follow an online training. This can be provided by one of our sponsors.


6.      What is the objective of the PMI Netherlands Chapter Coaching Classes?         


Experienced PMPs  - volunteering Chapter Members, provide coaching classes on a regular base. These classes aim to prepare (nearly) eligible candidates* for their examination.  You need to be familiar with the PMBOK and other materials by self-study homework. In class, you will make mock exam questions with look-a-like instructions, discuss answers and learn other exam taking tips. Our next PMP Exam Coaching Class is announced on the website.


*see "What is the right certification for me?"