PMI is committed to innovation and excellence. 2019 is also our jubilee of 50 years in PMI.

What better time to launch the next generation in our members annual event than right now. This congress will replace our PM Summit, and focus on bridging the knowledge and talent gap challenging Project Managers and business.  We will be joined by our co-hosts, TU Delft, to showcase the best and brightest thinking from Universities from around the world.  We will also be reaching out to Business Leaders in Europe to gain the value of their ‘big picture thinking’. Expect to see some of our PMI European and US colleagues in the crowd also.  What will you see there you can’t get at other events:

  • A mash up of what universities see in research and business people see in the field - a discussion from 2 different view points
  • A Global crowd from the world of academia and business
  • A variety of content and presentation styles (including some surprise, fun actives for you to experience)
  • Inspirational key notes and invigorating workshops to give you idea and practical advice you can take back to your teams

Mark April 11 and 12, 2019 for the PMCongress in Delft.  And register now to get your PMI member and early bird discount. 

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Day 1 Max PDUs 6,5
Day 2 Max PDUs 7,25
Total PDUs 13,75