From the On February 13th is the 15th edition of the Program Portfolio Management Conference (PPM conference). The central theme of this year is: a new view on Portfolio. How do you stay in control of the innovation and transformation?

Portfolio management takes the lead in innovation and transformation by integrally directing between policy and implementation. And with a wide variety of embodiments, such as programs, projects and agile teams: the hybrid portfolio is born and puts more than ever a stamp on the future. But, how do you get a grip on the hybrid portfolio in a time of agility and the continuous pressure of transformation and innovation? How do you get in the lead (again) and how do you, as a portfolio manager, help the management and the management to get grip?


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Keynote speakers give you vision and inspiration










  • A new view on portfolio. How do you stay in control of the innovation and transformation?

Moderator Jan Bloem, organizer of the PMM conference and committed to and works at Arlande

  • Portfolio Management at NS Commerce: an example of how you can deliver concrete and measurable results from strategic goals that benefit the organization.

Matthijs Lodder, Manager Portfolio, Programs & Projects, Nederlandse Spoorwegen – Commercie

  • Leadership in change

Anouk Brack, Author, Trainer, Executive coach Leadership Embodiment, AnoukA Training


Practical and interactive parallel sessions

With inspiring best practices from Avans Hogeschool, De Project Academie, FrieslandCampina, WIN, CAK, Sanquin Plasma Products and many more. Visions and experiences will be shared, in order to give you keystones to keep the grip on transformation and innovation within your organization.


We hope to see you on 13th February. For more details visit:



PMI is committed to innovation and excellence. 2019 is also our jubilee of 50 years in PMI.

What better time to launch the next generation in our members annual event than right now. This congress will replace our PM Summit, and focus on bridging the knowledge and talent gap challenging Project Managers and business.  We will be joined by our co-hosts, TU Delft, to showcase the best and brightest thinking from Universities from around the world.  We will also be reaching out to Business Leaders in Europe to gain the value of their ‘big picture thinking’. Expect to see some of our PMI European and US colleagues in the crowd also.  What will you see there you can’t get at other events:

  • A mash up of what universities see in research and business people see in the field - a discussion from 2 different view points
  • A Global crowd from the world of academia and business
  • A variety of content and presentation styles (including some surprise, fun actives for you to experience)
  • Inspirational key notes and invigorating workshops to give you idea and practical advice you can take back to your teams

Mark April 11 and 12, 2019 for the PMCongress in Delft.  And register now to get your PMI member and early bird discount. 

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Day 1 Max PDUs 6,5
Day 2 Max PDUs 7,25
Total PDUs 13,75

Event (in Dutch): Introductie nieuwe ISO-normen projectmanagement
29 maart 13:00-17:00

Nederlandse vertaling van 3 nieuwe ISO-normen voor projectmanagement beschikbaar. Informatiemiddag bij NEN te Delft, deelname is gratis.



Op donderdagmiddag 29 maart organiseert NEN een informatiebijeenkomst over de publicatie van de Nederlandse vertaling van drietal normen voor project-, programma- en portfoliomanagement. Deze normen zullen worden toegelicht door leden van de normcommissie waarna ook de meest actuele ontwikkelingen op dit vlak aan de orde komen.

Wil je meer informatie over de ‘Introductie ISO-normen’? Kijk dan hier






Introductie door de dagvoorzitter

Rommert Stellingwerf, PMI Netherlands Chapter, voorzitter van normcommissie ‘Projectmanagement’ 


Nederlandse vertaling ISO-normen voor project-, programma- en portfoliomanagement


ISO 21503 Programmamanagement

Bert Boot (Atos) 


ISO 21504 Portfoliomanagement

Ben Bolland (Bevon Gilde, IPMA-NL)




ISO 21505 Governance

Rommert Stellingwerf, PMI Netherlands Chapter, voorzitter van normcommissie ‘Projectmanagement’


Nieuwe ontwikkelingen: Termen & definities, Earned Value Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Competenties, Revisie Projectmanagement, Overkoepelende norm

Paul Hesp (Croonwolterendros) & Marco Buijnsters (Balance, IPMA-NL) 


Hoe ISO 21500 de basis heeft gevormd voor standaardisatie en ontwikkeling van projectmanagement binnen Arcadis, een multinationaal engineering en consulting bedrijf op het gebied van infrastructuur, gebouwen, water en milieu

LoukDielen (Arcadis Nederland B.V.)


Overhandiging eerste exemplaren namens NEN aan de voorzitters van IPMA-NL en PMI Netherlands Chapter 




Je kunt je aanmelden voor de introductie ISO-normen voor project-, programma- en portfoliomanagement via




Workshop of local interest workgroup “ISO for Projects’’


More than 10 years ago ISO (International Standards Organization) started an initiative to develop a guideline for project management. Apart from The Netherlands 25 countries participated.  

What has been achieved since then? What is in the pipeline? And … what is in for you?

That is on the agenda of the first LIWG ”ISO for projects” meeting in the new year.

If you are interested or if you want more information: drop an email to Rommert Stellingwerf, see Contacts below.

Background information: recent NEN-newsletter (in Dutch)   

Location: Croonwolter&, Amsterdamseweg 53, 3812 RP Amersfoort
Date: Tuesday January 16th
Time: 17:30-21:00
Contacts: If you want to learn as PPPM professional, be kept up-to-date with important ISO developments in your field and last but not least have fun, join the LIWG “ISO for projects”. 
            • PMI Netherlands Chapter: Rommert Stellingwerf, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
            • IPMA Nederland: Ben Bolland, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
If you are interested and have the time to cooperate with the development of ISO standards in our profession, join the NEN standards committee (“normcommissie”). The committee is always looking for new members. Contact: 
            • Committee secretary: Shirin Golyardi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 2017 11 07 event


In a continuous search to provide valuable information and knowledge for our members to grow and excel in their profession, we are very pleased to exchange our regular 2 presentation evening chapter meeting for a FULL day event! We are welcomed at Mikrocentrum’s yearly HighTech Project Manager event, which this year has the theme ‘De Wendare Project Manager’.

This full day program with three parallel tracks is normally offered for 295,= Euro (excl VAT), but due to the fact that Mikrocentrum will become Silver sponsor of the PMI Netherlands Chapter they have offered a special introduction / welcome discount for the PMI members to attend the event for only 50,= Euro (excl VAT). Please note this is a one-time introduction discount exclusive for PMI members for this year only!

So although there will not be a free Chapter Meeting in November, we believe that this event, even though it is in Dutch, is a more than fitting alternative. This event will also allow you to network with the HighTech Platform project managers and thus enables both parties to exchange more idea’s knowledge and lessons learned.

Since the event is in Dutch, we are sharing the announcement in Dutch below.

(English’s only speakers, don’t worry: the December event will be in English again and will be in Amsterdam  -to be announced soon-)


***** Dutch announcement *****


Hoe wendbaar bent u als projectmanager?

Hoe springt u in op uw snel veranderende projectomgeving? Hoe kunt u situaties meer naar uw hand zetten? Neem jaarlijks één dag de tijd om kritisch naar uzelf als projectmanager te kijken en kom op 7 november naar Efteling Golfpark, De Moer.

Agile, of niet?
Steeds meer organisaties kiezen voor de theorieën van wendbaarheid (agile). Hoe doet u dat?

Deze dag laat u kennismaken met het projectmanagementvakgebied en welke vaardigheden u hierin tegenkomt. Daarbij komen de drie volgende invalshoeken op een praktische manier aan bod:

  • Projectmanager
  • Projectteam
  • Projectmanagementproces.

De verschillen en overeenkomsten tussen de traditionele projectmanagementmethodiek en de agile methode worden onder de loep genomen. Moeten we allemaal agile gaan werken; de nieuwe manier van projecten trekken? Ontdek wat voor u het beste past.

Tevens wordt u deelgenoot van misschien wel het leukste project van Nederland waarbij fantasie en techniek gecombineerd worden. Kom luisteren hoe deze projectmanager het heeft aangepakt.


For the complete agenda with all topics and speaker please find the link to the registration here:

Program and Registration



In order to be eligible for the great discount and pay only 50 Euro (excl VAT) for this event you have to submit your valid PMI membership number in the [Ordernummer / - referentie] field!



We are very pleased with our new Silver Sponsor Mikrocentrum and we hope to see you the 7th of November at  Efteling Golfpark!



Efteling Golfpark
Veldstraat 6
5176 NB De Moer

Since this event is organised by Mikrocentrum there is no PDU-ID available. You can claim your PDUs, based on the program you follow, in the same way as for any other non-PMI event.



Graag maken wij u attent op de 13e editie van hét jaarcongres Project Portfolio Management (PPM) dat zal plaatsvinden op woensdag 31 mei 2017 in Congrescentrum Figi te Zeist. Het centrale thema van deze editie is:


PPM: naar een wendbare, agile organisatie, met behoud van koers


In veel organisaties heeft agile werken topprioriteit. Het is geen geheim dat de wendbaarheid van vitaal belang is in onze moderne, complexe, interruptieve en snel veranderende samenleving. Maar hoe zit het met de koers en de visie die de wendbare organisatie leiden naar het realiseren van de strategie? Hoe ontwikkelen organisaties zich naar meer agile manieren van werken en agile portfolio besturing? Welke rol wordt verwacht van de portfolio manager in deze transitie? Hoe ga je als portfoliomanager leiden (of volgen)? Welke kansen biedt dit voor portfoliomanagers?

Ook dit jaar verkennen we diverse thema’s en uitdagingen in verschillende situaties, met sprekers uit verschillende organisaties en vanuit verschillende perspectieven.