Past decade has been indicative of how humans and technology can connect in a number of ways that was perceived previously as science fiction. The advent of 4th Industrial revolution has resulted in unprecedented growth in human - robot interactions that has opened a new horizon of opportunities for mankind. With overlapping of digital, physical and biological worlds, like every other domain, Project management and most specifically Project manager roles have to transform.

In this edition, we have touched upon the topic of digital future, focusing on ideas that can transform project management to support the needs of organizations and projects at hand. In addition, we have included a research summary that indicates how technologies like Blockchain can help in enhancing the performance of a project management office.

Last but not the least, call for volunteers, especially in the areas of Membership and in organizing Events, you have opportunity to build on your talent. Visit PMI NL Chapter site Volunteer page ( In this edition we have included a special section on VRMS to introduce new volunteers and mention areas where we need volunteer support from existing members.