How can we achieve more with the same amount of resources? This is one of those frequent questions we project managers ask ourselves, in a business environment characterized by changing priorities and increasing pressure to deliver faster. Sometimes the answer is simpler that it seems, for which creativity is needed to generate alternatives. As Albert Einstein once said: “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought”.

In that sense, we must acknowledge that there is so much information and tools available, that we don’t need to create things from scratch for our projects. For example, we can leverage from the existing tools and templates available in the PMI website, and as a result, we can save time and focus our attention on other activities. In addition, to increase our team’s productivity is really important to pay attention to their level of engagement. To boost morale, we could use our imagination and embed fun time in our projects as a way to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. On similar lines, join our October chapter event “Complexity & Fun in Project management” in Eindhoven.