Changes in current business models are becoming more frequent. As part of this disruptive environment triggered by increasing demands from customers and the deployment of new technologies (especially in the digital domain), leadership teams must take into account a number of aspects. For instance, the business value proposition, customer relationships, target segments as well as project management in order to drive the change.

In the past, projects were considered successful once they met their targets (e.g. on time, scope completed and under budget). However, our modern business environment demands real success which can occur later when the expected business value is reached. Project managers have the responsibility to conduct their projects keeping in mind the strategic relevance to their organizations. Resources are scarce and new priorities are established to keep up with the changing market.

As a result, sometimes project managers have to take difficult decisions such as stopping a project because it isn't adding value to the company. In line the previous scenario, I would like to quote the great business guru Peter Drucker who said “there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which shouldn’t be done at all".