Editor’s Note

In this edition we want to bring to your attention a topic that usually flies under the radar, and if not handle properly, could cause a significant negative impact to our projects and organizations. Specifically, we refer to ethics in projects. Taking ethical decisions is a responsibility of all people involve in our projects, starting from the sponsor and project manager who should lead by example. A good practice is having a common understanding of what is ethical at the beginning of the project. Also project suppliers or partners are part of these stakeholders who should follow an ethical path, and a previous assessment before their selection is needed to reduce risks.

Remember that as PMI members and project managers, we are committed to always act with honesty, responsibility, respect and fairness. Sometimes ethical decisions are intricate and difficult to make. Once a wise man called Albert Einstein said: “Relativity applies to physics, not ethics”. So, in case of doubts reach out to the PMI and make use of its resources to guide you in the process.