Welcome to this special edition of the PMI Netherlands newsletter combining December and January. In this edition, you will find how the Dutch chapter celebrated the 50th year of PMI, along with new sections on Poll of the month, Fun and Games and Update on Elections. Don’t miss the recap of the Nov. chapter event at Valid, press release on IPMA NL and PMI NL Master Awards, Update on ISO and PMI CCR program and special price from our Sponsor, Threon on PMO Masterclass starting in Feb 2020.

We welcome here our new Director events, Priscilla Bakx-Kabai who is taking over the role of Lars Bessems. Appreciating Lars for playing a pivotal role in structuring the Event Management team and his contributions in association with PMI NL. All the best, Priscilla and Lars!!!!

Project management dates back from early civilization; the construction of Giza pyramids more than 4.000 years ago can indeed be considered a project. However, project management in the modern sense began in the 1950s. In this regard, PMI listed the most 50 influential projects in the last 50 years, which you can find in the pages of this newsletter edition.

PMI’s 50 year birthday was celebrated to the fullest in Den Haag this past 23rd November. Find in these pages a brief summary and pictures of the event hoping that it will bring back good memories to the reader or whet the appetite for next events to those that could not attend. In fact, a crossword will put your knowledge to the test of the event. Will you be able to find the hidden word?

Last but not least, a call for volunteers, especially in the areas of Membership and in organizing Events, where you have an opportunity to build on your talent. Visit PMI NL Chapter site Volunteer page (https://pmi-netherlands-chapter.org/index.php/get-involved/volunteer-opportunities).